Patented High-Pressure Evaporative Outdoor
Cooling Systems

The Original TurboCool™

Our patented TurboCool technology is unlike any other evaporative cooling system on the market. Designed for Florida’s high humidity, these systems cool outdoor areas with 100% evaporation and no wetness.  Whether you sit 3 feet or 13 feet away, you’ll enjoy the cool, refreshing breezes our TurboCool systems create.

Turbo coll technology

Introducing TurboCool

Patented, state-of-the-art evaporative cooling provides outdoor cool freshness without wetness, regardless of your climate.

Have you ever wondered: How can I enjoy my patio year-round, even in Florida’s hot, muggy summer months? How do I make my guests as comfortable outside as they are inside? Isn’t there one appliance that lets me keep my cool, and kill the chill?

There is an answer! With several styles, color selections and heat and light options, we have the solutions to enhance your outdoor lifestyle. Design your own personal patio oasis with LYFE’s Ventizio Patio Cooling Systems. Get back outside and Live Your Fullest Everyday… Outdoors.

Turbo cool isolated

The Technology Behind Ventizio’s TurboCool System

How does it work? It’s Magic! Or, technically, fresh water is fed through a high PSI pump and filtration, through a small UV rated tubing, through our patented TurboCool cabinet, through the nozzle to create a 5-micron droplet vapor, which is split by Turbolator™ technology for 100% evaporation, and instant cooling.

The high-powered German motor inside then disperses that cooled air through movable ports that direct the cooled airflow for optimal coverage, or pinpointed chill zones. Enjoy a cool comfortable breeze with NO WETNESS… GUARANTEED!

No Wet… Just Cool

Patented TurboCool technology is unlike anything you have felt before. 

Our goal is to cool targeted areas, whether 3 feet or 13 away. Innovative air delivery and unique patented technologies work together for complete evaporation with specially modified high-pressure Cat Pumps®, UV rated tubing, 5-micron nozzles, German-built motor, pressurized TurboCool cabinets, and our patented TurboCool Turbolator directional ports. You and your guests enjoy a cool comfortable breeze with no wetness. Guaranteed! 

Original TurboCool outdoor cooling system


All aluminum omni-directional ports guarantee no wetness! The patented Turbola­tor technology ensures complete evaporation within 3-5 feet of the discharge nozzles.

Turbo-outdoor cooling specs


Each unit comes with Hi-Quality (UL Listed) 120V or 240V German Motor(s) that pressurizes the cabinet to allow comfortable air flow.


Motor speed can be controlled using our POT15 variable speed controllers. One POT15 can control up to 8 units. Each motor is 170 Watts.

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