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We understand how important the outdoor lifestyle is to Florida! We have provided mosquito killing systems and patio cooling systems since 2004. Our product lines have expanded to include retractable shade and screens, structural louvered pergolas, lighting, heaters, fire pits and much more. LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions has a product or service to ensure you Live Your Fullest Everyday .. Outdoors.  Visit LYFE to learn more

The Inspiration for our Humble Beginnings

The Inspiration for our Humble Beginnings
They say necessity is the mother of all invention. Truer words couldn’t have been spoken when confronted with our daughter’s allergy to mosquitoes. We had two options: become prisoners to the indoors; or, develop a solution to give our daughter the chance to run and play outside!

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The Journey

Since 2004, A-NIKS™ has provided superior mosquito killing systems and service, from Tampa to Daytona to Miami.

As we grew, our outdoor life enhancement product lines expanded to include patio cooling, motorized awnings and screens, heat, umbrellas, smart pergolas and more.

To better represent the broadened scope of our outdoor comfort products and our company growth, we rebranded and changed our name.


Welcome to LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions, home of A-NIKS Mosquito Killing Systems, Ventizio Patio Cooling & Heat, and Vyzione™ Shade, Screens and Structures. Visit for our full story, and let us know how we can help you Live Your Fullest Everyday .. Outdoors

About Lyfe company

“Thank you for your continued business and support as we transition from A-NIKS Outdoor Comfort Solutions to LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions. America’s number one provider of outdoor lifestyle enhancement products!
We help you Live Your Fullest Everyday … Outdoors!”

~Al and Debbie 

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