TurboCool™ with Heat

The All-In-One All-Weather Solution

Cool. Heat. Pretty Neat!

An all-weather solution in a patented, space-saving design. TurboCool with Heat provides evaporative cooling and German manufactured heat in one unit.


 All-Weather Climate Control
in ONE Unit

In Florida’s winter, it’s standard to need cooling during the day, and cozy heat in the evening. Wall space and storage space is often at a premium, and who wants to drag out one appliance to swap for another? A revolutionary breakthrough in outdoor comfort, the TurboCool with Heat system combines evaporative cooling and cozy heating solution in one space-saving patented design! 

Using everything that makes our TurboCool cabinets a standout for outdoor cooling solutions, we added Solamagic™ electric outdoor heaters to develop a truly one-of-a-kind, all-in-one weather solution! With the flip of a switch, you Keep your Cool, or Kill the Chill to let you Live Your Fullest Everyday .. Outdoors.

  • German manufactured SOLAMAGIC UL listed outdoor electric heaters.
  • Double parabolic reflector.
  • 1500-Watt heater outperforms most competitors’ 2000-Watt heaters.
  • Guaranteed minimum 5000-hour bulb life.
  • Standard Reduced Glare Bulb lessens glare by up to 30%.
  • Best-in-Class infrared efficiency.
  • Increased heat with additional heaters added to the same system.


5000 Hours


1500 Watt heater outperforms most 2000 watt heaters


All Aluminum, Power Coated


There is NO other UL rated outdoor electric heater.

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