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High-Tech Cooling Lowers the BOOM on Humidity

For high humidity and arid climates, Ventizio Patio Cooling Systems provide form and function to your outdoor area. Our patented design provides evaporative cooling with minimal maintenance, amazing style and premium performance. 

The Benefits of Installing Ventizio Outdoor Cooling System

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Keep Your Customers Cool…

Depending on your region, hot summer months can mean a financial bonanza for businesses with outdoor service, seating, dining, and common areas. Summer means busy people, vacation spending, and the economy is bustling with tourism. Recent world health events have driven even more customers to outdoor dining venues making the outdoor lifestyle even more important.

But if your business is in a hot, humid environment, you’re faced with a host of special challenges in the summer months: limited indoor seating, increased wait times, unhappy customers and empty patios. Even if you love the outdoor lifestyle, hot summer months in Florida can keep customers at home, or dining inside. 

Al fresco dining is a great way to ease pressure in the main dining room and increase daily profits, but when it’s too hot and humid outside, your customers want to sit in cool air conditioning. 

How can you keep your guests and service staff cool, and comfortable, and outside all day into the evening? Thankfully, science and technology have a solution for those hot summer day problems! Add inviting coolness to your dining and bar areas, waiting, smoking and serving areas. Your servers and guests will be cool without being wet, and will want to visit with you again!


Keep Your Profits Hot

Misting tents and fans are nothing new, and are perfect for poolside cabanas, theme parks, or anywhere that being wet is acceptable. But not everyone wants to get wet. And no one likes soggy potato chips! Your customers want to enjoy their time outdoors feeling cool and comfortable. TurboCool’s patented air delivery system is guaranteed to provide refreshing coolness without the wetness – guaranteed! With wall, ceiling or post mounted options, heat, lighting and design options, we can keep your customers comfortable no matter your location or layout.  

Turn your outdoor dining experience into a stream of profitable revenue year-round. Lower ambient temperature by 10 to 15 degrees, and watch your customers enjoy themselves, tell their friends, and keep coming back.

Speaking of Hot

We know in Florida, especially along the water, it can be blistering hot during the day, but cool enough for a sweater in the evening. Several of our Ventizio TurboCool models offer cooling and heat in the same unit! Don’t take up storage space with those extra appliances, or use man hours getting them changed out. Check out TurboCool, TurboCool with Heat, and our CF Series models for more information.

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