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Introducing Ventizio™ Outdoor Cooling and Heat 

You’ve never seen cooling like this

Technological advancements in evaporative cooling turn your patio into a comfortable outdoor living or seating area, with No Wetness. Perfect for both commercial or residential use, Ventizio’s TurboCool™ has the patio cooling solution for you. For those nights when temperatures dip below comfortable, Ventizio’s gas, electric and portable heaters take the chill off your patio.  Our patented TurboCool™ with Heat keeps you cool in the day time, and kills the chill at night with one simple appliance.

Cutting Edge Cooling Technology

Ventizio’s patented TurboCool technology is unlike any other evaporative cooling system on the market. Designed for Florida’s high humidity, these systems cool outdoor areas with 100% evaporation and no wetness.  Whether you sit 3 feet or 13 feet away, you’ll enjoy the cool, refreshing breezes TurboCool systems create. 

New Outdoor cooling technology

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 Quality products to enhance the outdoor lifestyle and ensure you Live Your Fullest Everyday .. Outdoors.

Don’t let Heat or Cold, Wind, Sun or Rain, Mosquitoes and No-See-Ums, or the need for Shade and Shelter keep you from enjoying your outdoor living and dining spaces. We provide custom-designed outdoor comfort solutions for your everyday outdoor problems, to create and maintain your outdoor oasis. Let us know how we can be of service to you! 


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