What keeps you inside? Beat the Heat with Patio Cooling!

Top Problems: Bugs, Heat, Cold, Wind, Rain and Nosy Neighbors!

LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions is America’s #1 Outdoor Comfort Provider. VentizioTM is the LYFE line for outdoor patio cooling and patio heating systems, fire tables and torches. Our diverse product lines let you control the environment and temperature, with the power to make your lanai feel like you’ve got outdoor air conditioning! Fire up the outdoor patio heaters for those evenings when temperatures dip just below comfortable.

With real life solutions, our product lines address the Top problems that cause anyone to stay inside rather than enjoy the outdoor lifestyle on their own patio, yard, deck or dock! We can help you Live Your Fullest Everyday … Outdoors!

PROBLEM:  Heat and Humidity

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The past two years have been anything but normal. Families and businesses alike felt the impact of stay-at-home restrictions. Close family quarters got even closer. The outdoors became even more important just to step outside and catch a breath of fresh air or get a moment of peace. But 95 degrees in stagnant, muggy air is hardly refreshing! Restaurants had to rethink their outdoor seating and service areas. Outdoor seating became a necessity. Florida locals need to eat, too! But outdoor seating isn’t always available, or comfortable. And those poor servers!

If you’ve been to an outdoor venue with an evaporative patio cooling system, you know they are worth their weight in gold. It’s a place you visit often, because cooled air moved around by a high-powered motor provides the refreshing cool breezes that keep the outdoors comfortable. There are those who offer these basic arguments against traditional outdoor patio cooling/vapor misting systems:

  1. They don’t work in high humidity;
  2. I’ll get wet; and,
  3. It will mess my hair.

Ready for some science? Evaporative cooling happens. Every day. Even in Florida’s high humidity. With no assistance. That’s how puddles on the side of the road dry up quickly. That’s how when you sweat, or get up out of the pool, even with large, 600-micron water droplets on your body, with a slight movement or breeze, the droplets evaporate to cool a little bit of the air in that spot. When that happens to all the droplets on your body, you feel “cooler” overall. 

Now imagine that 600-micron droplet being forced through the innovative TurboCool cabinet, which splits, shreds and cools that droplet, creating a tiny, 5-micron droplet of cooled water that evaporates immediately. These tiny vaporized droplets quickly cool a large area in front of the nozzle, that is dispersed by a high-powered motor inside a decorative and functional cabinet.

In layman’s terms: Tiny droplet mist vapor backed by high powered motor = Instant dry coolness … guaranteed! 
We can get you back outside, even on the hottest days, enjoying the outdoor lifestyle, even in high humidity!

Ventizio’s evaporative patio cooling systems do work, you won’t get wet, and sweating in the heat will mess up your hair. Don’t believe it? Ask for a free demonstration at your home or business. Feel the cool in your own spaces!

SOLUTION: If it’s hot, we cool you. And we keep you dry!

Now imagine, if you will, a device that cools you without getting you wet, that allows you to get outside and enjoy your outdoor spaces even on the hottest days! Environmental temperature control at a touch with the cool, dry, fresh feeling of outdoor air conditioning!

There’s really nothing Twilight Zone about it. Here are the top reasons that our outdoor patio cooling systems will feel like you brought your indoor air conditioning outdoors, will increase your outdoor comfort, increasing the time you can spend outdoors.

  1. Temperature change of 10-20 degrees
  2. Guaranteed no wetness!
  3. Directional, targeted or broad coverage cooling
  4. State of the art innovation
  5. Decorative and functional

TurboCool Outdoor Patio Cooling Systems

Our evaporative cooling systems are anything but traditional. From Tampa to Orlando to Miami, Destin to Jacksonville to Naples, St. Augustine to Stuart to Sarasota, for years we helped keep Florida patios cool with our fan misting adaptation of a single-nozzle, 3-pull speed fan. We used a high-pressure pump to run fresh, force-fed water through UV rated tubing, to feed through the back of the fan, through the nozzle on the front. The air is dispersed with the fan motor. Cooling without wetness occurred at about 7-10 feet from the nozzle. Direction of the cooling was adjusted by placement and tilting of the fan.

The TurboCool patio cooling system, made right here in Tampa, FL, USA, is a technological, functional and decorative upgrade to that simple, yet successful system. Using the same pump and tubing, we feed through the back of the TurboCool cabinet, which houses two nozzle portals. The water stream is fed through our patented TurboLator, which splits and shreds the water stream through both nozzles, creating tiny, cooled droplets of misting vapor that evaporate immediately. The powerful motor inside the cabinet disperses that cooled air, and can be felt up to 20 feet away, depending on layout and airflow. Cooling without wetness occurs at about 3-5 feet from the nozzle. Direction of the cooling is adjusted at the omni-directional portals, for broad sweeping, or targeted cooling. Enjoy the feel of outdoor AC!

Not only is this system perfect for Florida, the patented TurboCool outdoor patio cooling system is perfect for any place that gets hot, even in high humidity! Restaurants enjoy a rapid ROI because they keep their outdoor seating cool, and keep their customers coming back. Feel free to ask for a list of cool restaurants in your area, or for a free demonstration in your own space. We’d be happy to have one of our Project Consultants work with you to design the best layout and system for you. We’ll get the parts together along with the self-installation tutorial, and ship anywhere in the world. Distributor arrangements are welcome, please let us know if you’d like more information.

TurboCool with Heat

Imagine this. One appliance that cools during the day, and keeps the chill away at night! The innovative TurboCool with Heat is the only one of its kind – the perfect solution for outdoor temperature control. With the German-made Solamagic Infrared heater, or our 240-volt value heater line recessed into our TurboCool cabinet and other models, you control your outdoor temperature. Turn off the cool and turn up the heat at the touch of a button!

TurboCool CF Series

While TurboCool cabinets are best mounted at 8 feet from the ground on a wall or post, the drop-down mount option for the CF series (ceiling-fan mounted) is perfect for high ceilings and larger open areas.

Named for family members, the modern looking Kayla, Leah and Jazmin models can be equipped with electric infrared heat, puck lights and decorative scrollwork.  The compact Lexi model cools with three portals, but cannot have any other options added.


Where wall, post or ceiling mounted systems are not an option, CoolRox can cool your outdoor areas and maintain a low profile. Without a motor, the MistRox creates a fun, foggy effect for a grotto look or for special events. Any of our cooling systems can be run without water when you just want the air moved around.

Installation and Mounting types

Mounting and bracketry options are available to best serve your custom installation needs.

Ongoing service and maintenance

Our professional service staff can set a recurring schedule for annual maintenance and uninterrupted service. We drain the pump and lines, change pump oil, replace nozzles as needed, and ensure the system is working as it should. Need a cabinet moved? Want to add cabinets? We take care of all the worry so you can Live Your Fullest Everyday .. Outdoors!


Please, be sure to turn off the water at the pump when it’s raining to avoid a really foggy situation! We’re happy to provide you with all you need for electrical specs, water usage, pump specs, heater specs, and so on. Call today for your free consultation, demonstration and estimate, or click any of the buttons on this site, and we will contact you shortly.

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